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Wherever you are, you can join our online services by registering on this website. Jurong Christian Church is happening online, and available for everyone interested in joining, wherever you are.

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Watch the latest English Sunday Service of Jurong Christian Church. Go to the Livestream page for live Sunday services or play the most recent Sunday sermon below.

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Who is Jesus?

It’s likely you’re here because someone has shared with you a little about Jesus and you’re keen to know more about who He is. He goes by many names, and one of them is Lord. What a strange name for a person to be called our Lord, isn’t it?
Let’s find out more about that name and who He is.

Our Ministries

For the church to thrive, it requires intimate godly conversations with each individual. Join a small group to deepen your understanding of God’s Word with God’s people.


The church is made of people who accept Jesus as Lord. They belong to God’s family as a result, and therefore endeavour to serve God’s people as best as they can.

About Us

Christ is the Perfecter and Innermost Focus of our Faith, Service and Spiritual Growth. Learn about our church’s faith statements.

How to Serve

Serving God is a phase of a believer’s life that demonstrates a level of maturity in one’s faith. We cannot be saved by good works but we can be saved to do good works.

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