This monthly newsletter is created and produced in-house, dating back to 1989

While the newsletter is being produced monthly, we preserve the archives, because of their timeless truths that will continue to resonate through the ages. God’s Word never expires or becomes obsolete … these many words of wisdom do well for the spiritual nourishment of each individual’s soul. Read and preview the latest WinePRESS or archives (previously known as “The Vine”).

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Lutheran Hour Resources

Get your daily dose of scriptural insights. Daily Devotions from LHM will help strengthen and encourage your faith as you do the same for others.

Receive inspirational Scripture-based messages at your fingertips every day. LHM also provides season-themed devotions during Advent and Lent.


The Vine Archives

The Vine articles have been a collective part of JCC’s communications and internal newsletter. Read these timeless articles here.

Photo Archives

We aim to preserve our photos which make up our history as much as possible. Here’s access to the past photos that date from 2017 and earlier.

Sermon Archives

Our services have gone online and are available for public viewing. Feel free to spool through the past sermons following the Covid-19 lockdown and the church’s move to online streaming.