Adults Ministry

The Vision:
To grow in Christ-likeness through “Connect, Equip, Mentor, Release” (CEMR) in Cell Groups in order to fulfill God’s Great Commandment and Commission.

The Mission:
Every JCCian to be true disciples and disciplers of Christ in responding to the Antioch’s calling, “Come Call and Go Call”, reaching people whom God brings to Singapore and going to people where God sends us. 

If you are aged 35 and above, we welcome you to our friendly cell groups which are meeting in multiple places across Singapore. Whether you’re 35 or 55, we have a group just for you. We meet in homes and also in JCC to Sing, Share, Study the Bible and Support one another to love God and love one another.

To know which group is suitable for you, just email Rev Anthony.

Adults CGs2

Who and What

Adults Ministry

We welcome you to be a part of a fellowship group. Covid-19 may divide, but we aim to unite people to God. Adult Cell Groups include:

  • Jurong West
  • Taman Jurong
  • Abundance 1 & 2
  • Bethel 1, 2 & 3
  • HIP HOP (Harvesters in Practice, Harvesters of People)


We aim to revitalise our leaders and fellow brothers and sisters towards a sense of belonging in JCC through our small groups. It takes a village to raise a child, and the village to sustain a person. We believe each individual grows best by integrating into the care of the family of Christ, in partnership with pastoral efforts. We can then go through life’s struggles in a godly, Christlike way.

Outreach & Hospitality

Every believer needs to own the Great Commission and reach others for the gospel. This is best done by equipping members to help in outreach efforts. Leaders play their part by praying for and with members, to get involved in the outreach process and to help host new friends too. This aims to rekindle the momentum in evangelism amongst our working adults.

Cell Groups

Bethel, meaning “House of God” as it is aptly named, is a living and growing spiritual community that has evolved over the years. BCG1 members meet on alternate Fridays to nurture each other spiritually and provide encouragement for Christian Discipleship. The session starts with songs of praise that members take turns to choose as song leader. This is followed by sharing of a joy and challenge faced since the last meeting, to uplift each other in spiritual development. Scripture study focuses on practical applications on living a Christ-Like life and laying the groundwork to enhance relationship with the living Christ. Some of the members take turns to facilitate the study. We end the session by praying for each other’s personal requests and needs. In addition, we also bond over our Annual Cell Group Dinners, unofficial “Makan” sessions and overseas retreats until Covid-19 hit us. In recent times we have incorporated a healthier version of the fellowship with Saturday morning walks & breakfast sessions in scenic locations within Singapore. The bonding sessions are often graced by our members from BCG1 and BCG2.
  • Alternate Fridays, 7.45pm to 10.15pm @ Members’ houses
  • Ages: 35 – 70
  • Contact: Frank Jonathan

We are sunshine people who are Stable (Very), Mature (Verily) and Fun (Verily Verily)!

We meet face-to-face or online (if no choice) to fellowship around God’s Word and with one another. We believe that the the group that Prays & Plays together Stays together! Our CG sessions are not complete without Food…and we have foodie experts in our group too!

More importantly, we desire to see God in action in our lives and those that He brings our way.💛

  • Fridays 8 – 10pm @ Parc Oasis / Lakeside Grove
  • Ages: 40+ to 120
  • Contact: Bryan Tay

  • Bi-weekly on Fridays, 8 – 10pm @ JCC MPH1
  • Bi-weekly on Saturdays 8 – 10pm @ Zoom and members’ homes
  • Ages: 30+ to 69+
  • Contact: Tony Koh

ABCG1-outing ABCG1-EncouragementCards ABCG1-GoogieBag(Back)ABCG1-GoogieBag(Front)ABCG1-TanSweeLeongSharingABCG1-ZoomPhoto My Experience in a Cell Group-Mei YahABCG1-Testimonial(Front)ABCG1-Testimonial(Back)

The beautiful part of ABC2 is we have people from all walks of life from various countries. Together we share our spiritual walk, rejoice with each other on good and memorable life milestones. We get to share life’s challenges and support each other in prayers. We meet weekly for Bible discussions based on that Sunday’s sermon, and have prayer meeting on alternate weeks.
  • Fridays 8 – 10pm @ Jurong Christian Church hub / Zoom
  • Ages: 27 – 70
  • Contact: Patrick Low
Abundance 2 CG

💛 We are young-at-heart mature believers who are journeying with one another through ups and downs. We believe in growing together in prayer and the Word while reaching out to pre-believer friends and family.
  • Saturdays 8 – 10pm @ Jurong Christian Church / Members’ homes
  • Ages: 20s, majority lates 30s to 40s
  • Contact: Peh Ping Saw
Saw Peh Ern Testimony

We live through life in our various life stage with God in our midst. Each of us has undergone trials and challenges in life and still is. Yet, we trust and obey God who loves and care for us.

  • 1st and 3rd Fridays, 8.15pm to 10pm @ Jurong Christian Church hub
  • Ages: 50s – 60s
  • Contact: Yew Moi Chong

TJCG 2017 2016 TJCG retreat ladies TJCG 2020 Bak baptism TJCG 2014 JCC TJCG 2016

  • Day: Every 1st and 3rd Friday
  • Time: 8 – 10pm
  • Place: Zoom
  • Ages: 40+ to 70+
  • Contact: Martin Cheah

This fellowship consists of married couples with young children.

  • Day: Bi-weekly on Saturdays
  • Time: 4 – 6pm 
  • Place: Members’ houses
  • Ages: 30 – 40s
  • No. of Pax: 10
  • Contact: Samuel Tay


If you are looking for support in parenting, do check out our Discipleship Education (DE) programmes. ​ Additionally, if you’d like to find out more about what we believe in, or perhaps you want to study the Bible, our DE classes include a Lutheranism 101 course.