Youth Ministry

Heartbeat of God, Heartbeat for Man

Heartbeat of God, Heartbeat for Man

Youth cell group Pulse’s purpose is to gather brothers and sisters in Christ to journey together spiritually towards Christ-likeness. It is a community of passionate youths having the desire to grow in Christ (Philippians 3:10), to be thoroughly equipped for every good work (2 Timothy 3:16) and to witness to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8).

Identity in Christ

Cultivating young Christian men and women to be rooted in their faith and to take ownership through their daily life and lifestyle, to serve well and grow well. When believers know their God intimately and have a firm foundation in Him, they can then serve and witness faithfully.


Regular fellowship with leaders allows a sharpening of person on person in their spiritual growth. They can then shepherd well those they lead. Youth Cell Groups include:

  • ELIDS (Everlasting Light in Darkness)
  • EGGG (Ever Growing in God’s Grace)
  • Christal
  • LIC (Living in Christ)


As part of the Joshua Culture 23 initiative, individuals are encouraged to be mentored by other leaders. At this stage, leaders are training up the next generation to be ready to lead youths too, as well as to serve the church’s wider ministries.


Leaders aim to help the youth grow the discipline of reading the Word and to also help enrich their Bible knowledge. They produce a syllabus which focuses on Word, Worship, Prayer and People to spur each believer on toward loving God and man.

Cell Groups