TELEMissions: Technology-Enabled Learning & Engagement for Christian Ministries

Session 1 covers the following topics:

  1. Learner's Profile
  2. The World is Digital
  3. E-Learning, Chatbots, Learning Management System
  4. The New Battleground

Session 2 covers the following topics:

  1. Learner's Profile In-Depth
  2. Learning Design STAR
  3. Curriculum Design
  4. Implementation of Skills

There is a Q&A segment at the end to round off the webinar.

Bryan · 06/10/2021

The world is now online, hence there is a need for the church to traverse and saturate the virtual realm with greater frequency. With multiple platforms and opportunities for Christian education, Bryan Tay breaks down various methods of e-learning, and delves into good curriculum design that optimises the learner’s experience.

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Edtechpreneur in AI Applications for People Engagement, Business Process Improvement and Organisational Learning. Workplace Learning Solutionist and Specialist Adult Educator.

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