Prayer Focus For December

As we approach the end of a year, let us take time to reflect on God’s blessings and prepare our hearts for the upcoming season of Advent and the new year.

  1. Gratitude for 2023

  • Pray for JCCians to pause and reflect on the many ways God has been faithful and present throughout 2023.
  • Express gratitude for answered prayers, personal growth, and the opportunity to serve others. May the spirit of thankfulness overflow into our daily lives and interactions!
  1. Advent Season

  • Pray for JCCians to actively engage in the Advent season, preparing our hearts for the celebration of Christ’s birth.
  • Seek opportunities to share the message of Christ’s love and redemption with those around us as we anticipate the Second Coming of Christ with hope and preparedness.
  1. Outreach Events

  • Pray for the success of upcoming outreach events in December. Empower JCCians to boldly proclaim Christ’s birth and love during these outreach opportunities.
  • Pray that residents of TJ and friends may receive the gospel message with open hearts.
  1. Steps into 2024

  • Pray for JCCians to enter the new year guided by Christ’s presence and direction as we set goals and make plans.
  • Commit to spiritual growth, pursuing a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit.
  • Embrace opportunities to continue serving others and sharing the love of Christ in tangible ways.

May this December be a time of heartfelt gratitude, joyful anticipation, and renewed commitment to following Christ into the new year.

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