Prayer Focus for February 2024

 1) A Church Driven by God’s Heart:

  • 2024: A year of aligning our hearts with His, and embracing His plans.
  • Deepen our prayer life through active participation in church prayer meetings, Sunday Services, cell groups and personal retreats.

2) A Church Empowered to Serve:

  • Unleash the gifts God has bestowed upon each of us. Step out in boldness and build one another up with passion and dedication.
  • Cultivate a spirit of service within ourselves, readily offering our time and resources to support one another and the community.

3) A Church Reaching Out with Urgency:

  • Live out the call of evangelism with urgency, both in our personal lives and through the Goshen initiatives.
  • Become ambassadors of Christ, actively sharing the gospel with those who haven’t yet encountered His grace.

4) A DGP Blessing Our Community:

  • In 2024, let the DGP become a beacon of light for children and parents, offering support, guidance, and opportunities to grow, creating a ripple effect of positive change in precious lives.
  • Extend our reach beyond the church walls, engaging in meaningful partnerships and initiatives that benefit our community.

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