Hannah’s Inspiring Work Aboard Logos Hope

Our dear sister Hannah Koh’s commitment to spreading the Gospel through her missions work on Logos Hope is a source of immense pride for us all.

Her latest update from Logos Hope, docked in South Africa, showcases the ship’s impactful contributions to God’s mission on multiple fronts. Let’s delve into some of the key highlights:

Fostering Unity in South Africa

Logos Hope’s first port of call in South Africa, Richards Bay, provided an opportunity to acknowledge the country’s multifaceted racial history. The ship aspires to serve as a bridge, fostering unity and collaboration across racial divides. This mission is carried out through special conferences focused on missions, designed specifically for pastors from various racial backgrounds to participate.

Faith in Action

Putting faith into action, Hannah participated in a ministry day called “Painting Connect Day” – a day set aside to paint a room at an orphanage. This exemplifies Logos Hope’s commitment to practical acts of service alongside sharing the Gospel.

Strengthening the Logos Hope Community

Logos Hope strives for a community built on its five core values – Imitating Jesus, Kingdom transformation, A Biblically Just and Diverse Community, Strategic Innovation, and Mutual Commitment.

Hannah’s team played a crucial role by assessing crew understanding and implementation of these values. Their insightful analysis and recommendations will undoubtedly guide departments and ministries towards even greater effectiveness.

Empowering Women with Wild Mongoo

In George, a beautiful city in South Africa, Hannah joined a challenge team partnering with Wild Mongoo, a retail organization empowering vulnerable women.

The visit offered a firsthand look at the hardships endured by the women, including experiences of trafficking and homelessness. They were impressed by Wild Mongoo’s commitment to providing practical support, job training, and spiritual guidance. This commitment was further solidified as they actively participated alongside the women in crafting jewelry and printing materials.

Wild Mongoo managers even brought some of the women on board the Logos Hope to experience the ship’s ministry and participate in events. The visit was particularly impactful, with two women choosing to follow Jesus Christ during a youth and young adult event.

The Mission in Europe

Despite her introverted nature, Hannah stepped outside her comfort zone to travel across Germany and Austria with a presentation team. Her dedication is evident in her efforts to connect with churches and youth groups, planting seeds of inspiration and encouraging them to consider missions. This demanding schedule not only honed her presentation skills but also challenged her perspective on mission work. The experience offered a deeper understanding of mission work through its parallels to the disciples’ journeys of relying on hospitality.

A New Season

Hannah’s latest update from Logos Hope is titled “A New Season,” referencing a powerful verse from Isaiah 43:19:

“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.”

This verse speaks of hope, reminding us that even in challenging times, God can bring unexpected blessings and open new paths. It resonates deeply with Hannah’s experiences aboard Logos Hope.

Working on a ship can be an exciting adventure, but it can also be unfamiliar and demanding. By sharing this verse, Hannah might be drawing a parallel between the challenges of her work and the wilderness in the verse.

However, the verse also offers a message of encouragement. This challenging time could be a “New Season” of growth and purpose. Hannah’s dedication to spreading God’s message and making a difference reflects the spirit of this verse. Even amidst difficulties, her work can be seen as a time when God is using her to touch lives.

Looking Ahead with Prayer Requests

End of June, Logos Hope will be heading towards West Africa. Hannah’s family will be visiting the ship in Cape Town and Hannah will be going on a short break with them.

Please join us in praying for:

  • Safe travels and a meaningful experience for Hannah’s family.  May they be enriched by their time on the ship and create lasting memories.
  • A successful completion of the ship’s 5-yearly audit.
  • Strength for the deck and engine crew during extensive maintenance projects.
  • A seamless transition for Hannah as her Logos Hope commitment ends in September. May she find peace and discernment for her future path and calling.
  • A suitable replacement for Hannah’s current role as the director’s personal assistant.

Let’s continue to hold Hannah and the entire Logos Hope ministry in our thoughts and prayers!

John Lee

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