Last Call for SOTE Courses

Last Call for our International Students-to-be!

If you have not heard it, for the first time in forever (alright, not that forever), SOTE is offering the Graduate Diploma (Intercultural Studies or Christian Studies), the first year of the Master of Arts (Intercultural Studies or Christian Studies), and the Master of Divinity/Arts Preparatory Year as “hyflex”. This means students can choose to study online or onsite* with us.

Registration for international students closes on 1st February 2024! So, there’s still time to catch the plane/train/whatever.

Look no further, register here. Oh, and since we’re at it, why don’t you send word out to your friends, co-workers or folks at the local churches? Your sharing is worth so much more than all the publicity we can ever do.

Every Blessing!

*Please check specific programmes for details.

Singapore Bible College

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