Momentum 4: Workplace Evangelism

From: Pastor Benny Ho, Strategic Coordinator

LoveSingapore Marketplace Track

Hullo Everyone, I am ready and raring to go!

I look forward to seeing you at Momentum 4:
A crash course on Workplace Evangelism.

  • Who is our target audience?
  • What are our objectives?
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  1. WHO is our target audience?

  • Local Church Senior Leadership
  • Local Church Pastoral & Ministry Staff
  • Local Church Marketplace Champions
  • Local Church Marketplace Comrades
  • Para-Church Marketplace Team
  • Marketplace Network Senior Leaders
  • Marketplace Network Partners
  1. WHAT are our objectives?

  • One, to introduce a workplace evangelism strategy. This is something we have developed from experience for the benefit of local churches.
  • Two, to glean insights from a panel of practitioners. Amidst the usual challenges of meeting deadlines, hitting KPIs, achieving sales targets, dealing with unhappy clients, and working with unreasonable bosses, these marketplace believers are pro-actively reaching out to the unsaved at work. I know they have secrets to share and stories to tell.
  • Three, to present a few workplace outreach tools. These are specially curated for pastors and local church marketplace champions who want to grow their marketplace members in greater effectiveness. Such as John Maxwell’s Beyond Success, B12 Mentoring Circles, Alpha Everywhere, and N5 Collective.
  1. HOW can we get the right people there?

Speaking as a pastor to pastors, I know we really need your help. You are in a place of influence. Even if you don’t already have a marketplace ministry in your church, why not ride on Momentum 4 to spark interest?

How about selecting a few potentials and come as a team to learn together? Post-event, I believe these will be your best allies to get something going — toward a culture of workplace evangelism as the norm for members who keep a 9-5 job.

  1. HOW to secure seats?

Looking forward…


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