Prayer Focus For January 2024

  1. Visionary Leadership:

  • Holy Spirit Guidance: We pray for leadership anointed by the Holy Spirit, with visions that align with God’s purpose for JCC in 2024.
  • Empowered by the Spirit: May God raise leaders who depend on the Holy Spirit’s power to guide the church and inspire others.
  • Emerging Leaders: We pray for JCC members to hear the call and step into leadership roles, empowered by faith and ready to serve.
  1. Discipleship Transformation:

  • Christ-like JCCians: May JCC members deepen their relationship with Christ, becoming true disciples and disciple-makers.
  • Holy Spirit’s Anointing: We pray for every JCCian to receive the Holy Spirit’s anointing, enabling them to live Christ-like lives in the new season.
  • Marketplace Witness: May the Holy Spirit embolden JCCians to share their faith in the marketplace, effectively reaching the lost with compassion and truth.
  1. DGP:

  • DGP Leadership: We pray for God’s wisdom and strength to guide the DGP management committee, principal, and teachers.
  • God-called Teachers: May God raise dedicated teachers, filled with His calling, to join the DGP team.
  • Children’s Protection: We pray for the children’s physical and spiritual health, shielding them from harm and illness.
  • Empowered Teachers: May the Holy Spirit equip DGP teachers to minister effectively to the children, nurturing their hearts and minds.
  1. Goshen Initiatives:

  • Deeper Connections: We pray for opportunities for JCCians to build genuine relationships with our Goshen contacts, fostering trust and understanding.
  • Salvation’s Embrace: May the Holy Spirit work through these relationships, leading our contacts to encounter Jesus and receive the gift of salvation.

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