NCCS July 2021 Update



NCCS President shares words of encouragement:

Dear Fellow Christians, the last few weeks have shown us, that unexpected events can strike us hard and fast – such as the spike in COVID-19 cases and the sad episode that took place in one of our local schools. Many are reeling under such events. In a small country like ours, when one part of the nation experiences pain and suffering, others feel it too.

As we go through this season of great uncertainty and sadness, let us recall the words of Joshua 5:11-12, “11 The very next day they began to eat unleavened bread and roasted grain harvested from the land. 12 No manna appeared on the day they first ate from the crops of the land, and it was never seen again. So, from that time on the Israelites ate from the crops of Canaan.”

Our God is a faithful God. He provides for his people in all the seasons of their lives. In the wilderness, he provided the Israelites with manna. And now having crossed the Jordan river into the Promised Land, his provisions continued with the produce of the land. Our God is faithful, he will supply, and we are in His good hands. As we meet with the many uncertainties and sadness during these trying times, let us remember to come closer to God and have the confidence that the Lord will supply us with resources we need (emotional strength, material supplies, tangible help, and other needs) to meet the challenges of the day. Indeed, our Lord is Jehovah Jireh! – Rt Rev Dr Titus Chung

New Vice-Presidents:

NCCS is grateful for the leadership and service of former Bishop Terry Kee (Lutheran Church in Singapore) and former Moderator Rt Rev Dr Keith Lai (Presbyterian Church in Singapore) who recently completed their terms of office as heads of their respective denominations. At the General Committee meeting held on 29 July, two new vice-presidents were elected to the Executive Committee. We welcome Bishop Lu Guan Hoe and Rt Rev Dr Teoh Boo Cheow to NCCS leadership.


With the nation returning to phase two (heightened alert) restrictions, we have decided to limit the attendance of the National Day Thanksgiving Service to 50 persons. It will be held on Thursday, 19 August at St Andrew’s Cathedral (Nave) at 7.45pm. However, the NDTS will be live streamed for the Christian community to participate in worship. Here are the details for live streaming.

NCCS Book:

Homosexuality, the Bible and the Church” is a collection of essays by scholars and pastors that explore the topic from different disciplines – biblical studies, theology, science, the law and pastoral practice. The NCCS hopes that this book will serve as a resource to help Christians navigate the difficult and conflicted discourse on homosexuality, guided always by the theological and spiritual compass of Scripture and tradition. We encourage you to order copies for your office and church library. Pre-order details.

Acceleration of the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme:

On 15 July, NCCS leaders attended a briefing on the acceleration of the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme organized by MOH and MCCY. The take up rate by people over the age of 70, has been significantly below the national average. It is possible that our Senior Citizens are finding the process of getting the vaccine challenging, so MOH has taken the following initiatives to make the process easier.

Perhaps a softer, personal approach is needed for some, so this is where we come in as churches. We need to mobilize our congregations to reach out to their friends and relatives to:

  • Allay their fears and concerns and encourage them to take the vaccine.
  • Helping those who have difficulty with the technology to register.
  • Helping those who have difficulty travelling by taking them to a Vaccination Centre.
  • Checking the website to see where the Mobile Vaccination Teams are attending at a place near their home and informing them.
  • Arranging for the Mobile Vaccination team to visit your church premises to conduct the exercise if there are sufficient people who need it.

Let us work together to make our country safer.


SGinHarmony is an initiative by the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth with support from community partners to strengthen mutual understanding and respect for our racial and religious diversity. From July till December this year, look out for exciting community-led programmes for all ages here. Click through the Commitment to Safeguard Religious Harmony to join others to uphold social harmony in Singapore.

Let us continue to pray for our congregations and for the people of Singapore as we look forward to our 56th National Day and to the resumption of normal activities in community life.

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