From Pulpit to Playback: Remembering JCC Sermons with the Power of YouTube

Thanks to YouTube

It’s February already! Time flies, just like Rev. Anthony’s January sermon feels distant now. Thankfully, we have YouTube like a friendly reminder on our smartphone and computer.

Rev. Anthony’s sermon on 7th January

In that sermon on the first Sunday of this year, Rev. Anthony encouraged us to look back at 2023 with grateful hearts and embrace the opportunities and challenges of 2024. His key message was to shift our hope from calendars to God’s constant presence. To navigate the year successfully, he highlighted three things:

  • Be like John the Baptist: Live a life dedicated to God, holding onto faith even when things get tough.
  • Follow Jesus’ example: Do what God wants, with every action and word reflecting His purpose.
  • Seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance: Pray and worship to build a close relationship with the Holy Spirit, your guide in fulfilling God’s mission.

Rev. Anthony also gave us a call to action for a meaningful 2024:

  • Be a Christlike disciple: Actively guide at least one person closer to God.
  • Get involved in church: Join groups and activities to strengthen your faith and connect with others.

Bro. Wong Mui’s sermon on 14th January

Next, let’s remember Bro. Wong Mui’s sermon from the following week (14th January) on “Revealing Jesus to the world.”

This sermon explored the concept of Epiphany, focusing on Jesus Christ’s revelation to His disciples and their subsequent responsibility to reveal Him to the world.

It isn’t just about Jesus appearing to His disciples long ago; it’s about how we, as followers, share that revelation with others today.

Below are the key points of the sermon.

  • God is always the initiator. He goes before us and prepares us for His purposes.
  • God discloses Himself to us so that we can know Him.
  • Jesus Christ revealed Himself to His disciples in various ways, such as inviting them to follow Him and showing them His power.
  • We, as disciples of Jesus Christ, are to reveal Him to the world through our words and actions.
  • We can do this by sharing the Gospel, living a life that glorifies God, and seizing opportunities to reach out to others.
  • God will equip us and go before us as we proclaim the Gospel.

Bro. Wong Mui also emphasized that we are Jars of Clay, ordinary people who can be used by God to do extraordinary things. He encouraged JCCians to constantly evaluate their lives and make sure they are living in a way that brings glory to God.

Remember, revealing Jesus isn’t a one-time event; it’s a continuous process. God keeps revealing Himself, and we keep sharing that with the world.

Thanks to YouTube again!

Forgetting is easy, especially as we age. But fear not! YouTube acts as our helpful friend, reminding us of these beautiful messages. If you need a refresher on Bro. Bryan Tay’s sermon from 21st January (yes, it wasn’t that long ago!), you can either reach out to him or head to your trusty friend, YouTube.

Bro. Bryan Tay’s sermon on 21st February

The sermon, titled “Flowing with God’s Plans in His Appointed Season,” still echoes on YouTube.

Drawing inspiration from the Book of Jonah, Bro. Bryan Tay emphasized God’s immense compassion, meticulously detailed plan, and active involvement in its fulfilment.

  • Immense compassion: God reaches out to all, even the resistant, with unwavering patience and mercy.
  • Meticulous plan: God’s design is detailed and purposeful, with even seemingly insignificant things playing a role.
  • Active involvement: God doesn’t just plan, he actively guides and shapes his plan’s fulfillment.
  • Our role: We are called to participate, with humility and surrender, in fulfilling God’s purposes.
  • Call to action: Seek God’s guidance, surrender to his timing, and trust his plan, even when uncertain.

A Journey of Faith with YouTube Reminders

Think of life as a grand picture, painted by God’s hand. Each person, with their own quirks and dreams, is a brushstroke adding colour and life. You, too, are a brushstroke, unique and important. Step into your place with open arms, knowing that even the smallest stroke adds to the amazing beauty of the whole. Let God guide you, and watch the masterpiece unfold in your own time.

May you walk in the light of His purpose, finding the strength and love to fulfill your unique and beautiful role in His grand design.

Make good use of your friend, the YouTube, while it’s still there to help you remember God’s messages throughout the year.

John Lee

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