Prayer Focus for June 2024

Intentional Walk with the Holy Spirit

Pray for a season of deep connection with the Holy Spirit, guiding JCCians in their daily walk.

Empowered Witness

Pray for the Holy Spirit to fill JCCians with boldness and clarity to proclaim Christ’s message.

Open Doors of Ministry

Pray that the Holy Spirit will open more doors for JCC to share the Gospel through numerous opportunities.

Protection and Health

Pray for a shield of protection around DGP leadership (principal, teachers, committee) against sickness and viruses.

Youth Ministry

Pray for inspiring and impactful Sunday services that touch the hearts of the youth and ignite their faith.

Young Adults

Pray for a spirit of unity and mutual encouragement among young adults as they support each other to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


Pray for adults to receive God-given dreams and the courage to pursue them, fulfilling His will and expanding His kingdom.


May this season be one of overflowing blessings and abundant fruit for JCC.

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