Visit to Bird Paradise


In March 2024, the Dialect Ministry proposed an outing to the Bird Paradise for the elderly members. The cost would be $30 per person, covering the entrance ticket, bus and lunch. We announced the event, but the response was underwhelming. So, we adjusted our plan for a 40-seater bus to a more suitable 24-seater.

Bus and Cost

On the day of the trip, 30th May 2024, the bus company still generously provided a 40-seater bus at no additional cost even though only 24 pax in all joined the excursion.

The Dialect Ministry team members who accompanied the elderly also paid $30 each as senior citizens. We did not include younger helpers (below age 60) as it would have been more expensive to do so, because their entrance fee is $29 higher. While we would have welcomed the energy of the young people, we could not expect them to pay $59 each for the trip.

Trip Itinerary

We boarded the bus and left JCC by 8:30 am to reach Mandai Bird Paradise around 9:30 am. Timing was critical because we planned to catch the two bird shows in the Sky Amphitheatre and walk the elderly about 8,000 steps through the Bird Paradise.

The sun was shining very brightly as we strolled on the boardwalk which connects the various aviaries. The boardwalk is at treetop height so that visitors can catch a glimpse of the birds in the trees. The problem is that the birds are quite hidden by the leaves or the camouflage colours of the bird’s plumage.

Only the “walking” birds like the flamingos, penguins and pelicans were easy for us to observe as they walked around most of the time.

Lunch and Food

After the second bird show, we gathered at the Central Plaza foodcourt, conveniently located near the Sky Amphitheatre. We ordered an affordable meal for everyone. Earlier, we had provided a big pau (sponsored by Amy and Florence), bananas (sponsored by Seline) and a bottle of water to each of the elderly. I think they were well fed throughout the trip.


The best place to catch all the birds was at the Sky Amphitheatre where we caught 2 shows that day. We took the shuttle tram to move the elderly from station to station. We had to rely on Deacon Nathan to carry the wheelchairs on and off the tram.


We are grateful for the pleasant weather. Rain would have significantly hindered our ability to move the seniors around while managing umbrellas. We also extend our appreciation to the bus company for providing a larger bus that comfortably accommodated our wheelchairs, which wouldn’t have been possible with a 24-seater. Finally, we are thankful for the clean and readily available restrooms throughout the park.


If you would like to know more about our trip, you can watch the YouTube video:

Martin Cheah

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