1 Corinthians: Pastoral and Ministry Issues @ SBC (13-15 Mar)

This seminar is not an exegesis of the primary text but a pastoral reflection of theological and ministry issues. We will offer reflections on issues such as signs and wonders, pastoral leadership, conflicts and church discipline, lawsuits, divorce and remarriage, food offered to idols, spiritual gifts, and prophecy, among others. We hope to provide pastoral insights for application in ministry.

Speaker: Dr. Daniel Chua

Dr. Daniel Chua was senior pastor of Mount Carmel BP Church where he served for 33 years. He is now based in Johor Bahru and serves as Mission Partner of Ambassadors for Christ Singapore. He is Chairperson of EQUIP-21, a training ministry to nurture pastors and church planters in mission countries.

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Registration deadline: 7 March 2023

For Enquiries: admin.csl.e@sbc.edu.sg

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