Girls’ Brigade Fortnight 2021

2103-Girls Brigade

210725-GB Fortnight Poster 2021

The Girls’ Brigade Fortnight is an annual donation drive that supports our effort to help every girl in the 51st Company (Shuqun Primary School) fulfil her fullest potential – so she can be filled with hope for today and bring hope to others tomorrow.

GB Fortnight this year is affected due to the pandemic. Our church is not fully opened and social visits are limited. Therefore, our girls are not able to visit the church or relatives/friends to raise funds. However, tapping on modern technology, we have moved towards an online platform for fund raising event through a webpage. Please head to

Where possible, our officers may be handing you leaflets for cheque and credit card returns. This donation drive will start from 25 July till 12 September.

We thank you for your generosity in helping the girls fulfil their greatest potential!

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