The Healing, Praying, and Preaching Ministry of Jesus

Reflection on a sermon by Rev. Lim Kim Hock

By John Lee

Have you ever pondered the enduring impact of Jesus’ ministry?

On 4th February (5th Sunday after the Epiphany), Reverend Lim Kim Hock, in his sermon titled “The Healing, Praying and Preaching Ministry of Jesus,” based on Mark 1:29-39, reminds us that the echoes of Jesus’ actions resonate far beyond the pages of scripture. He invites us not merely to reminisce, but to actively participate in the continuation of Christ’s work in the world today.

The sermon delves into three key aspects of Jesus’ ministry: healing, prayer, and preaching. These aspects of Jesus’ ministry, when embraced together, empower us to act with love, offer compassion, and witness the transforming power of God’s intervention in our lives.

The following is a synopsis of the main ideas I collected from the sermon.

Firstly, Rev. Lim emphasizes that Jesus’ healing touch transcends the physical realm. While the sick and infirm found solace in His miraculous cures, Jesus also offered emotional and spiritual comfort, addressing the deeper wounds of the human heart. This message resonates today, urging us to bring those suffering not only to medical professionals but also to the foot of the cross, offering them solace and reminding them of God’s unwavering love.

Secondly, the sermon explores the power of prayer. Jesus himself sought solace and guidance through prayer, demonstrating its profound importance in our lives. Rev. Lim encourages us to learn from Jesus’ example, to pray boldly, entrust our loved ones to God, intercede for others, pour out our hearts in moments of joy and sorrow, and actively seek understanding of God’s will. Prayer, he reminds us, is not simply a list of requests, but a two-way conversation, a communion with the divine.

Finally, the sermon delves into Jesus’ mission of preaching the gospel. This mission, Rev. Lim reminds us, is not confined to the past. Jesus entrusted this task to His followers, and each of us is called to be an instrument of His message. Sharing our faith can take many forms, from spoken word to acts of kindness. Regardless of our age, background, or position, we are all capable of spreading the good news of God’s love.

The sermon concludes with a powerful call to action, urging us to become instruments of Christ’s healing touch, prayerful presence, and message of hope. By showing compassion to the sick, cultivating a deep prayer life, and sharing the good news with others, we become vessels of Christ’s love, extending His healing touch, His prayerful presence, and His message of hope to the world around us.

You can listen to Rev Lim’s sermon on YouTube, starting at 24:15. 

Acronym for Pray like Jesus:

Ask Entrust Intercede Outpouring Understanding

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