Let Our Voice Run: Ending Sexual Harm in Campus with Our Collective Voice – 18 to 26 November 2023

LCCS aims to shed a light on the concerning issue of dating violence and sexual harm experienced by
students in Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) through Let Our Voice Run (LOVR) campaign.

Last year, LOVR garnered 180 participants to walk/run/cycle and join the cause. The virtual run
brings together friends, family, and concerned stakeholders in a similar cause and encourages them
to reflect on the importance of building relationships based on mutual respect and consent.

We hope to reach 300 participants this year!

Joining us this year are four champions dedicated to fostering positive change in IHL communities.
Join their team to reveal their photos on the LOVR website today! You also have the option of
participating in the on-ground event to complete specially curated routes with the champions.

Tickets cost $30, which includes a goodie bag with goodies from our sponsors.
Be the first 100 participants to register and receive a free LOVR 2023 t-shirt
worth $12!

Sign up at https://www.letourvoicerun.com/. Come look for us if you are
interested in the event or would like to find out more about the workshops we
conduct for students. Together, let our voice run to peacefully end sexual harm
and dating violence on campus, and to advocate relationships built on the foundations of healthy
boundaries and care.

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