Prayer Focus For November (Stewardship Month)

1) Pray for JCCians:

  • To live a life of daily gratitude and thanksgiving for God’s blessings.
  • To live a life of good stewardship by actively serving in the church.
  • To trust God to provide for their needs in all areas of life.
  • To be perceptive of God’s guidance in areas such as serving and tithing in 2024.

2) Pray for David & Goliath Preschool (DGP):

  • For new teachers to join this important ministry to lead children to develop educationally, emotionally, physical and spiritually. Pray that through their services to the children and interactions with the parents, they will be a blessing to the community in Jurong.
  • For the personal well-being of the teachers, that God will bless them with good health and joy as they serve the Lord in touching lives.
  • For the management team, that God will continue to bless them with strength and wisdom as they lead the staff.

3) Pray for the Leadership and Ministry of JCC:

  • For JCC leaders, that they will hold steady in their calling and find God’s peace and rest.
  • For God to raise up new leaders, such as council members, HOMs and CGLs.
  • For God to help prepare the hearts of those who will become Christ’s disciples and disciple-makers in the year ahead.
  • For a bountiful harvest as we connect with the neighbourhood residents via all the bridges under the Goshen Initiative.

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