Prayer Focus for September

a) For JCCians to be witnesses for Christ:

  • Pray that they would muster an evangelistic lifestyle and be bold to share the gospel at home, marketplace, school and in the neighbourhood community via the Goshen Bridges.

b) For the councilmen:

  • Pray for wisdom and discernment for the councilmen as they make decisions for the church and work on their priorities in line with God’s will for the good of the church across all language sections.

c) For our ministry leaders (Youth, Young Adults and Adults):

  • Pray for the ministry leaders to be sensitive to the guidance of the Holy Spirit and be effective leaders with a heart for the people they serve so that they would be able to make a difference in their lives.

d) For DGP teachers:

  • Pray that the DGP teachers would be empowered with wisdom and skills to teach the children about God’s love and also build good relationships with the children’s parents.

e) For a suitable candidate to serve as Finance & Admin Manager in JCC:

  • Pray that God would raise up a suitable candidate who is qualified and has the heart to serve the church.

f) For Outreach:

  • Pray for open doors to build a strong relationship with neighbourhood residents and for opportunities to sow the gospel seeds in the hearts of the residents.

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