Why I Write News and Events articles

Bro John Lee sent me an article, “The Max Lucado Problem” by Eric Sentell, which argues that Lucado delivers shallow theology and discipleship in such a nice, unobjectionable package that few people realize its shallowness. The writer gave an example of one of Max Lucado’s book, “Fearless”, which wasn’t a bad book. It was well-written, theologically sound, and biblically grounded. But it was so shallow.

If Max Lucado, one of the most prolific Christian authors ever, with 93 books published, is considered shallow then what can I say about me, Martin Cheah? That is why I usually shy away from writing “Exhortation” articles and instead concentrate on writing news, events and personal testimonies. Besides, the Winepress Blog prefers articles to be short and sweet, not longer than 3 A4 pages. From news to personal testimonies, brevity just suits me.

News and events topics are also not easy to write, because they are current and their direction is uncertain. We don’t write about the wars that are currently going on around the world or of any major disasters all around us. I am limited only to writing on events which I took part in, e.g. Dialect Christmas Party, Christmas Carolling around the blocks and church retreats. For those events which I did not personally take part in, I would usually try to get one or two of the participants to provide me with a write up.

February 2024 seems like a quiet month with everyone busy preparing for Chinese New Year that there are no events to write about.  Perhaps the only eventful days are Feb 14, which is both Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday, and Feb 15 when JCC launches Alpha 2024.

Here is hoping that you, the readers, will have some testimonies and stories to share about how your CNY celebrations became opportunities for outreach and connection.

Martin Cheah

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